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Filippo Berto talks about The Spirit of 74 on “Suonate Le Campane”.

Filippo Berto tells about Spirit of 74 at

“Suonate le campane” is a web site which gathers together interviews and video contributions, the result of an idea from Walter Muto, Fulvio Matone and Francesco Lorenzi, with the technical assistance of Giovanni Assandri.

A group of fiends, some of whom work in the entertainment field, in tourism or organisation of events (and who suddenly found themselves “without permanent employment”), got together to recognise and share a theme, often very helpful to face constructively the changes that our society is going through.

Filippo Berto took part in the appointment on 24th June, speaking with Walter Muto and Fulvio Matone about his entrepreneur experiences and about the pillars on which his society is constructed, synthesised in the book The Spirit of 74: 74 key words to live happily the passion for your chosen profession.

"Over the last few months, the worrying situation that we have all lived through has forced us to make rapid, sudden decisions. In just a few days we had to revolutionise our society, achieving incredible results.

Facing the difficult challenge during those days was not easy but the reaction of the entire personnel was truly amazing. This is a new chapter of The Spirit of 74”.

Look at the interview with Filippo Berto here:

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