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Made in Meda by BertO in The Good Life, the first hybrid magazine to combine business & lifestyle

made in meda by berto on the pages of the magazine the good life

The Good Life, the first hybrid magazine to combine business & lifestyle, has always been committed to the values of Beauty with a capital B and in the February-March 2021 issue they dedicate a space to Made in Meda by BertO.

In this latest issue of the magazine there is an article of great visual impact, not only for the presence of the new Patti armchair by BertO, but also for the accurate art direction of the header which takes a look at the " BertO Formula for the Future of Design".

This formula presents data which is of special interest to us, from the sales in Italy (75% of the total, followed by Europe, China, the USA and the rest of the world) to the growth of our society over the last three years (+ 50%).

But to give sense and substance to the numbers, the article places special emphasis on the fundamental aspects of BertO’s work and the challenge of today’s living.

In these times in which the cities are changing, our homes too are changing.

And while many of us are making new choices about our personal organisation, BertO - reports "The Good Life" – "accepts the challenge of social interaction with professional life and puts technology and flexibility at the service of tailoring".

Find out how to achieve the design of your dreams with Made in Meda and BertO.
==> Ask for your personalised consultation with one of BertO’s interior designers and create your ideal furnishing project Made in Meda!

The Good Life magazine cover February 2021 Patti armchair protagonist of The Good Life magazine Patti armchair - The Good Life magazine insert
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