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The design Made in Meda by BertO on the Business&Gentlemen

The design Made in Meda by BertO on the Business&Gentlemen web site

The design of your dreams Made in Meda by BertO is representative of the new way of living in your home and it complies with the needs of modern families. 

Business&Gentlemen have dedicated an article to the town of Meda where BertO chose, back in 1974, to found its society and where today it plans and produces an exclusive design for contemporary furnishing schemes. 

The Design of your dreams by BertO is at the base of the entire new collection and the undisputed protagonist is the modular Dee Dee seating system with its ample range of materials and finishes which enable you to realise infinite compositions with elegance, personality and originality. 

As you can read in the article

In Meda we furnish some of the most beautiful houses in the world, in any form or style you desire because here the taste for beautiful objects and the centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship are, and always have been, of the highest level. 

The denomination of design Made in Meda, embodies this indisputable quality which is appreciated by famous names in the world of entertainment, world-famous designers and anyone who admires quality and a unique style. 

The BertO workshops are the heirs to this inestimable tradition and they create exclusive design projects in homes throughout the world.

The new collection of sofas for the living area of your home go side by side with a range of elegant armchairs, small tables and furnishing accessories of unmistakable quality, objects which are desired and appreciated by both business and private customers.

The BertO style has Made in Meda in its DNA. 

Here you can read the whole article. 

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