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The book MADE IN MEDA features in an article published by IFDM

MADE IN MEDA book by Filippo Berto: article by Matteo De Bartolomeis IFDM

Filippo Berto’s book "MADE IN MEDA - THE FUTURE OF DESIGN IS ALREADY A THOUSAND YEARS OLD" is featured in Matteo de Bartolomeis’ article "Made in Meda: The roots of the future" published by IFDM - Interior Furniture Design Magazine.

The IFDM journalist is one of the journalists who participated in our Press Tour to present the book. Matteo de Bartolomeis describes the tour as "out of the ordinary".

He writes:

"Three atypical stops to discover the more than millennial origins of Made in Meda, three stops to illustrate the three principles that are indispensable to Berto: origins, training, legacy."

Three principles that have always been well engraved in the DNA of the BertO company.

In the article, Filippo Berto's book is described with these words:

"A book that is ‘angry’, like its author and, above all, like his father (Fioravante) and his uncle (Carlo), founders of BertO in 1974. These founders passed on to their son Filippo ‘the art of anger’ as an engine for being a good entrepreneur - an entrepreneur who shows through deeds, not words, that he has not forgotten his roots.

A description that fits perfectly.
It is no coincidence that the book opens with the phrase: "I wrote this book because I was pissed off".

MADE IN MEDA was born of the author’s anger.

An anger that has its roots in his past as a fascinated child, and in his present as an adult who understands that the uniqueness of a territory he loves so much is ignored.

A territory where talent, great skills and capacity for innovation have coexisted for over a thousand years.

A territory that has given life to the most appreciated design in the world.

A territory that has always been the home of his company.

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Made in Meda book: IFDM article
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