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BertO: the style Made in Meda in “IL GIORNO”

Interview to Filippo Berto Made in Meda newspaper Il Giorno

BertO, Italian style on the Internet: "We have opened our doors to the world".
With these words Filippo Berto started his long interview with the journalist Cosimo Firenzani which was published in the newspaper IL GIORNO.

"Many years ago we decided to open our doors and to share our work. This was a necessary step to take if we wanted to tell of the richness of our work and the strength of our territory.
Now, if I look back over the last two decades to our beginning on the Internet, I think of just one thing: communicating our identity has forced us to question it”.

The identity of BertO was created with our founders Carlo and Fioravante Berto who founded their upholstery workshop in 1974 and who contributed to the development of Made in Meda.

"Here we have a blend of social and economic values unique throughout the world. Just as a good wine is bound to its territory and could not be produced anywhere else. Here we have our own vineyard. Only here do the skills of our craftsmen, designers and entrepreneurs blend together to furnish some of the most beautiful homes in the world. "

With these words Filippo Berto explains the Dream Design Made in Meda by BertO.

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