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New Craft: BertO at the XXI Triennale in Milan

BertO at the exhibition New Craft - XXI Triennale in Milan

The exhibition New Craft, held by Stefano Micelli, is taking place in Milan from 2nd April to 12th September 2016 within the “Fabbrica del Vapore” at the XXI Triennale.
New Craft is the ideal meeting place for artisan capacity, technological innovation und design.

In his book Stefano Micelli perfectly describes these new values: by using design and new technology a new generation of artisans is able to realize a large number of articles characterized by cultural and economic values.
In this exhibition you can get involved in many different fields: cars and bicycles, letterpress and jewelry, dresses, furniture, dental and prosthetic materials, steel and wood.

A new technological transformation has been taking place during these years and this exhibition would like to make people understand the real meaning of design: thanks to the digital manufacturing we are able to go beyond the traditional standard production and we can produce custom made articles according to the customer’s needs. You will notice it in every article shown in this New Craft exhibition.
The introduction of the innovation technology, such as internet and websites, has given a strong contribution to a renewal in the working way of these modern artisans: nowadays they can keep in touch with their customers and optimize the production process – idea-prototype-production-delivery- in order to satisfy the requests in a better and faster way.

BertO is part of the exhibition: we present our Capitonné Armchairs Vanessa with a denim cover from the Victoria Royal Collection. These armchairs are the result of the cooperation with BertO Textile Atelier and shos a new way of working: a balanced mix among tailoring details, innovation technology and original design.
Beside our armchairs Vanessa we are proud to introduce our “Tavolo del Tappezziere”: it is a creative area and a meeting place where you can work together with our upholsterers and get a totally custom made product.

New Craft takes place at “La Fabbrica del Vapore”, via Procaccini 4 - Milan.

Here our photo gallery.

making of vanessa capitonnè armchair in denimNew Craft: Vanessa capitonné made by BertOBertO at New Craft with Vanessa capitonnè armchairBertO at New Craft: Vanessa capitonnè in green denim

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