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Read the review of the book THE SPIRIT OF 74 in the design magazine DDn

Review of the book of design THE SPIRIT OF 74 in DDN - BertO News

DDn, the prestigious design magazine, published a review about the design book The Spirit of 74: 74 key words to live happily the passion for your chosen profession

Here we report the article by Giulia Bruno in the unabridged version where, among the books about design, The Spirit of 74 was presented. 

Here is how to tell, in an original and captivating way, the story of BertO, a family-run business in Lombardy, which, 45 years ago in Meda, was a Sartorial Upholstery workshop and which today is a society committed to projects and initiatives which place it "in the centre of attention of the entrepreneurial ecosystem”. 

The Spirit of 74 (by Filippo Berto, ed. BertO, preface by Stefano Micelli) illustrates with 74 key words and designs, the energy, the desire for a future and the courage transmitted by the founders Carlo and Fioravante Berto, to the various teams over the years and above all to Filippo, a young entrepreneur with an indomitable spirit and an open mind whose passions in life are punk music and producing sofas. 

The 74th key word to happily live your chosen profession is "LOVE" and Filippo suggests:

"Love what you do unconditionally, you deserve the extraordinary privilege of working with passion".

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