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BertO Design: the role of the sofa in 2020 as reported in Corriere della Sera

The role of the new BertO sofa in Corriere della Sera - News BertO

In a period in which we have had to spend a lot of time at home, we have become more aware of our spaces and the way in which they are furnished.

This has led us to make deep and often revealing reflections about the choices we made when furnishing our homes.

Around this theme, extremely relevant in this period, the newspaper Corriere della Sera dedicates an article to the role of the sofa in 2020.

The article is written from the point of view of BertO, a society that has always been committed to creating prestigious furnishing projects produced in the world design capital: Meda.

In this period everyone has become aware of the way they chose to furnish their homes, the colours of the furniture, the choice of flooring and the finishes of the walls.

If before we truly lived in our homes from 7pm to 10pm, today many of us are at home 24 hours a day and some of the choices we made in the past have turned out to be unsatisfactory for the serenity and functionality of our new way of living.

Living intensively in our homes and putting off important decisions which could influence our way of life is no longer possible because the wear and tear of everyday life on low quality furniture and accessories has become more evident.

The objects and furniture all have an expiry date and in this period, if these items were not made to the highest standards, they will have visibly and rapidly deteriorated.

The materials and the comfort are at the centre of these reflections.

If the upholstery of a sofa, an armchair or a pouffe is of low quality such as microfibre or eco-leather, when it is used 24 hours a day for home-working and for lively children, today, rather than having a nostalgic, used look it looks simply worn out.

And the comfort is the same.

We have lived intensely in our homes for two months and today we would all like a home with particular characteristics.

This is why it is important and necessary to trust a real expert to plan a furnishing project for our homes.

You will have an expert interior designer at your complete disposal to help you create the design of your dreams Made in Meda.

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The role of the new BertO sofa in Corriere della Sera
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