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Tommy's evolved comfort is showcased in Living, the Corriere della Sera magazine

Tommy Sofa on Living

The Tommy design sofa by BertO is a very important feature highlighted in Living, the Corriere della Sera magazine dedicated to design and furnishings.

At number 10 on newsstands in October, Living's flagship section on high-end upholstered furniture highlights BertO with one of its sofas with the most advanced level of comfort on the market.

As you well know, the living room in your home must primarily reflect your desire for both conviviality and elegance. And if the sofa is the centre-piece of the living area, you naturally want it to be comfortable, beautiful, and stylish.

Otherwise, it would go completely unnoticed: the room would then lack the appeal you need to enjoy everyday life to the fullest, and your guests would be left feeling indifferent.

Instead, the sofa must offer conviviality and draw the attention of your friends: it should reflect the aesthetic and functional elements BertO customers ask our interior designers to provide in furnishing their homes in beautiful and exclusive style.

Through continual engagement and listening to our clients and their requests, we at BertO determined the need to create a sofa of exponential comfort, a sofa that is designed so well as to make it a leader among all the pieces featured in Living.

Developed from a long study involving the entire BertO team on ergonomics, Tommy in the modular version with trapeze-shaped chaise longue also features very sophisticated textile research in its generous shapes.

In this way, the sofa succeeds in achieving one of the apparently simplest, but by no means easy, things to do: combine elegance and functionality. The sofa's typical high and enveloping cushioning, curated in the smallest sartorial detail, adapts itself to welcome the person seeking to relax upon it.

The cover in Babylon Bouclè fabric delicately wraps the well-built structure of solid fir, and enhances the softness of the goose-down padding that has been quilted in a completely natural way.

In this light and bright tone, Tommy is the ideal sofa to furnish our clients' most exclusive living rooms: at BertO we help our clients fulfil their Made in Meda Design of Dreams projects in ever-current and elegant tones.

==> Request your confidential consultation with a BertO interior designer and find out how to fulfil your Design of Dreams project with the Tommy sofa.

Tommy sofa by BertO on Living - Corriere della Sera
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