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Perfect fabrics for perfect sofas: the design of your dreams by BertO in the Italian daily newspaper

Perfect fabrics for perfect sofas: BertO’s design of your dreams in the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera

Perfect upholstery makes a perfect sofa: this is the title of an article dedicated to interior design in Corriere della Sera on 2nd April.

One of the most important and precious elements for a sofa is the upholstery. 

The correct choice for the upholstery can have important consequences both for the design and the quality of your sofa and consequently the possibility to enjoy the characteristics and high-quality performance for many years.

The Time Break sofa by BertO is the perfect example of the perfect sofa thanks to a collection of fabrics designed and created especially to exalt the volumes of this sofa. 

Time Break offers a range of completely removable covers in fabric or leather, perfect for the outer upholstery. Not by chance, the Navona fabric collection by BertO was produced especially for the launch of this new sofa. 

As you can read in Corriere della Sera, contrary to some producers and distributors who offer a vast range of generic fabrics, we have the idea that every model in our collection has a specific range of fabrics, just like each person has a personalised wardrobe. 

BertO’s long experience has demonstrated that it is not necessary to have an unlimited choice but to have an ample but carefully selected range of fabrics which satisfy our customers personal aesthetic taste without causing unnecessary confusion. 

The key factor is the specific DNA of the sofa which comes from the customer’s personality and the character of the sofa. 
Just like every person is different from everyone else, BertO’s interior designers work to make every sofa personal and unique, an expression of who has chosen it. 

The BertO method is based on the direct relationship that we have with our customers, an approach which we have proudly cultivated through the years and which we express in many different ways, all with the philosophy of customer care that characterises the high quality of Made in Meda.

From the prototypes and the production in the workshop to consultation with an interior designer, logistics and post-sales service, no phase is left in the hands of external companies. 

Ask for your personalised consultation with one of our interior designers here.

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