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Vienna straw and timeless charm: the small Patti armchair by BertO in The Good Life Italia

small patti armchair with vienna straw by berto in the good life italia

The small Patti armchair is the protagonist of the special issue of the magazine The Good Life Italia dedicated to one of the most elegant styles in the history of furnishing: “Vienna Straw”.

From Vienna to Dakar: the antique weaving technique used for designer chairs, as they are defined today, has ancient origins.

Viennese weaving, the most well-known and widespread weave in the furnishing field, was invented at the beginning of the 19th century by the creative genius Michael Thonet (1796 - 1871) and at the time it was revolutionary compared to the traditional wedge weave which was typical for country seats.

Still today, regardless of the weaving technique, we can appreciate the craftsmanship and the deep knowledge of the materials used.

The small Patti armchair by BertO is like "contemporary poetry": the backrest is the key to understanding the entire project. The transparency obtained by the double presence of Vienna Straw emphasises the true heart of this small armchair. The same applies to the base structure in “canaletto” walnut, obtained thanks to the interlocking of 18 separate elements.

Patti has attracted the interest of numerous customers and of several prestigious magazines in the furnishing field including the here - mentioned “The Good Life”, and also “Living - Corriere della Sera” here or “Elle Decor” - and it has also received recognition from some of the most sophisticated and prestigious areas of Design.

Patti is a result of the great upholstery tradition of Made in Meda and the application of the sophisticated working procedure developed by BertO’s research and Development Team, the pride and joy of the society.

Find out if the small Patti armchair is suitable to realise your dream furnishing project.
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