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Stefano Schiavo presents #Maker on 19th May @ BertoLive.

Stefano Schiavo presents his book Maker at BertoLive.

Stefano Schiavo presents his book on 19th May: #Maker. What do companies expect from the digital artisans?

Together with him, seated on the Sofas #BertoLive Collection, there will be even Gaia Segattini (Vendetta Uncinetta), Patrizia Bolzan and Marcello Pirovano (Tecnificio).

Even by growing and changing the forms, the makers’ phenomenon is subjected to the contamination from events, new projects and visions.

How do companies relate with this flow? They surely play an important part in the debate and growth of this phenomenon: they wonder about the development of the industrial automatization and the fine line related to custom made products and services between Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing.

Final comments by Stefano Micelli and Stefano Maffei.

Save the date for Friday, 19th may , at 19.00 @ BertoLive – BertO Showroom Meda Via Piave 18, Meda (MB)

Cocktail will be served after the meeting

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