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Designers of tomorrow: NABA students meet BertO's Made in Meda design

BertO showroom in Meda: visit by NABA

On Friday 27 May students at the prestigious New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan - NABA, which gathers design students from all over the world, visited Meda to meet Filippo Berto.

This took place in the heart of the design capital, at the BertO showroom!

It was an opportunity reserved for the Designers of tomorrow who, as well as being able to engage with prestigious projects and settings created by Design of Dreams Made in Meda, attended a special presentation of the book “Made in Meda - the Future of Design is already a thousand years old".

The leitmotif of this dialogue was naturally Design and its origins, its evolution over the course of history, and its innate ability to adapt and decline in the world of work.

The dialogue began in Meda, a capital that is recognized worldwide for its entrepreneurial vocation in the design furniture sector.

However, furniture Design was only the starting point for chatting with students about the future of design in fashion, graphics, media, art, and scenography.

Worldwide design of the future starts with designers of today.
Design is primarily a way of thinking that benefits customers: Design of Dreams Made in Meda successfully realizes projects created for customers' complete satisfaction.

Through this meeting, we were very happy to carry on our constant commitment to the training of young people who are considered the engine of our evolving entrepreneurial system.

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