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Filippo Berto and the book THE SPIRIT OF 74 in the newspaper Il Giorno

The book THE SPIRIT OF 74 in the Italian newspaper IL GIORNO

In the newspaper Il Giorno, Fabio Lombardi reviews the book THE SPIRIT OF 74 by Filippo Berto through some of the key words which make up the book and which tell the story of the company.

It starts with the word "Father" and finishes with the word "Love".

Together with Filippo Berto, about fifty of the company’s collaborators,  people who normally work in the production and sale of the armchairs and sofas, have contributed to the realisation of this book. 

In the article, Fabio Lombardi takes a selection of these key words, as "Future", to tell about how the company was founded by the brothers Fioravante and Carlo Berto.

Filippo Berto and his staff, some of whom have been working for the company for 10, 20, 30 and even 45 years, celebrated the 45th anniversary of BertO with a commemorative plaque bearing the words “Thank you”, words also included in the book.

Here the video of the evening.

Ask for a copy of the book THE SPIRIT OF 74 here 

Filippo Berto sul quotidiano Il Giorno
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