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Values, business, ethics, team: we will talk about it on 18th March by #BertoLive

Values, business, ethics, team

BertO and Casa Imbastita Campus set up a “FormAttivo” (“Active training”) event:
VALUES, BUSINESS, ETHICS, TEAM. How to be successful on the market during the economic recession. 

On 18th March 2017 a “FormAttivo” event will take place @ #Bertolive with the cooperation of Casa Imbastita Campus.
We will meet the magistrate Salvatore Vella, two businessmen Mauro Baricca and Demetrio Pisani (Casa Imbastita Campus, Falorni Opificio del Farmaco) - authors of the book “La forza del gruppo, l’etica come chiave per il successo” (“Team power and ethics as a key to success”) - two innovative businessmen like Giorgio Zappa (Falpe) and Filippo Berto (BertO) and the co-founder and director of Gli Stati Generali Iacopo Tondelli that moderates the meeting.

In a constantly developing market with no clear benchmarks, values and team power can make the difference in order to be competitive and successful on the market.

We will begin by narrating the meeting between a magistrate and two businessmen that ended with the publication of a book that has now become a reference book to mention during the training sessions held for hundreds of businessmen all over Italy.
These businessmen are absolutely convinced that things can be done, situations can be changed and companies can increase their business even during recession periods.

Giorgio Zappa and Filippo Berto will take part in this give and take with the authors: the two innovative businessmen are turning the business model focused on the product into a business model mainly focused on the purchase experience, on the construction of locations which engage on emotional level and where the customers may find excellent products.

In order to get these results the most important thing to do is to get people involved in the project: they play the most important part in a successful company, because if you run by yourself you may run faster, but together we can go farther.
In a successful and competitive PMI the businessman cannot simply consider his partners as “production tools” but as “main protagonists” in the projects, they must get involved in the company at all levels.

Debate and cocktail after the meeting.
Save the date: on Saturday, 18th March 2017, at 18.00 @ BertoLive – Showroom BertO Meda
Via Piave 18, Meda (MB)

Free entrance subject to seat availability
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