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#WhyBerto broadcast on Radio Rai 1

#WhyBerto broadcast on Radio Rai 1

On Monday, 30th January, Filippo Berto took part in the radio program Eta Beta and he explained the video campaign #WhyBerto.

The program was about the digital theme.
In the program held by Massimo Cerofolini the guest of honor together with Filippo Berto was Marco Montemagno.

Three main themes were discussed during the conversation:
- How to become the creator of your own business
- How to take advantage of Internet resources - quite often free – to start your own business
- How to find out the new trends in order to be original in a world-to-be where artificial intelligence and robots will play the most important part.

Filippo Berto explained the distinctive aspect of the video campaign #WhyBerto with a few simple but incisive words that are typical of the most convincing ideas:

“We have always described the story of our company by showing what really happens “behind the scenes” during the realization of our products and all that was possible thanks to our company blog. We did not mean to talk about our products but actually our aim was to open virtually our laboratory and let people in to meet the artisans that everyday create our models. We just wanted to answer a very simple question: WHY should someone buy our products.”

The podcast is available on the website 
Here the playlist #WhyBerto.

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