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#WhyBerto in the book "Fare è Innovare" by Stefano Micelli

#WhyBerto in the book Fare è Innovare by Stefano Micelli

The book “Fare è Innovare” by Stefano Micelli has been recently published by Il Mulino.

After the great success of the book “Futuro Artigiano” the economist and professor at the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice suggests a new way of considering our artisan world which must be focused on the present time.

He describes the story of some famous companies which are characterized by innovation and business capacity. Stefano Micelli defines his personal idea about the new craftsmanship in different fields: from fashion to design, from 3D print to Italian artisan beers become famous all over the world.

Filippo Berto’s review in our BertoStory blog: “this book is different: the strategic analysis defined by the author is supported by practical successful examples, by using the stories of those companies that are able to inspire and generate a real change”.

On the newspaper Corriere Della Sera Dario Di Vico writes: “the author asserts a strong theory: the customized manufacture offers to our Italian artisans a strong competitive advantage: quality instead of quantity”.

Some company examples are reported in the book: Seguso, Loison, Carrozzeria Castagna, Gioielli Baldi, Baladin and #whyberto, with some video stories that suggest why we should buy a sofa, a bed, an armchair or a sofa bed made by BertO.

“Fare è Innovare” is available in every bookstore or here online.

Stefano Micelli presents his book on 25th May 2016 starting from 7.00pm in our showroom in Meda.
Moderator Francesco Cancellato, Director of

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