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Video on BertO Chester sofas

Berto Salotti is a commitment to achieve quality business since 1974.
The methods of production of the Chester sofa by Berto Salotti are the same ones that characterize this extraordinary object from the early seventeenth century. Berto Salotti respects and enhances the original methods and techniques in its tufted sofas, and it is perhaps for this reason that someone has finally artiginali these pieces "of art objects."
Technical capacity and expertise in craftsmanship: without these factors, compliance with the peculiarities of production typical of the tradition can not be reached. For this, the talent of people working in Berto Salotti is the most valuable corporate assets, rose to the professional school of the brothers Carlo and Fioravante Berto, unique artisans and recognized value in the creation of these sofas.
Quality comes from the choice of leather, of natural origin and unique, not surprisingly characterized by distinctive features, guarantee of authenticity. Each hide it brings its own special, unique and exclusive. Add to that the incredible comfort and total adaptability to the pleasant temperature of the human body.
All sofas Capitonné, in all their parts, from the visible to the most hidden, are created with great attention to detail. It can not be talking about the overall quality if one ignores the total, absolute precision in every step working in every construction detail.
For example, the solid wood structure takes shape thanks to a dense network of ropes and steel biconical springs, which give basic details of the couch robustness and durability ... legendary.
The canvases are then clamped jute, and so begins the first building of what will be the backbone of the couch. In a second step will be the turn of the upholstery, genuine masterpieces of features, with their unique balance of comfort and strength.
The sofa is completely upholstered in solid wood: it's time to cover it.
Watchful eye and skilled hands, the shape of the sofa comes to life as well, the intersection between a spasmodic attention to detail (watching closely on the button that is attached) and a wise management of the overall shape (wide shots overall).
The working surface in the traditional and ever new quilted button-through is typical tools and invaluable to those that are curved and double-pointed needles.
Tools, techniques, wisdom passed down by master craftsmen: our flagship, the Chesterfield, born that way.

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