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Elisa Massoni talks about BertO's Made in Meda on DesignAtLarge

DesignAtLarge: Made in Meda, near Milan by Elisa Massoni

Elisa Massoni writes about design for DesignAtLarge, one of the most authoritative portals in Italy (and beyond), and discusses her experience in the article "Made in Meda, near Milan".

Together with 20 fellow journalists, Elisa participated in an exclusive press tour, tracing with us the birth of design (described in detail in "Made in Meda: the future of design is already a thousand years old", the book by Filippo Berto).

Elisa Massoni perfectly captures the spirit of the book and of the BertO project.

"I owe a debt of gratitude to Filippo Berto, who on January 26 put about twenty journalists on a bus and took them to Brianza to explain the background to his book Made in Meda. I got excited and, for once, I want to tell the day from a blatantly personal point of view."

We began with a visit to the former Monastery (today Villa Antona-Traversi) - a place where the abbesses commissioned the farmers who worked for them to build furniture, thus creating the first small form of economy - we then passed through the Lanzani Company  now in its 7th generation - and the CFP Terragni professional school, and went up to the BertO showroom.

Here the journalists had the opportunity to dialogue with the Master of Art Osvaldo Minotti, the Historian Felice Asnaghi, the Mayor of Meda Luca Santambrogio, and the BertO Castello Lagravinese Studio designers.

We talked about the future of this territory, about shared work, about new generations, about companies, but also about art and design.

Just like the book Made in Meda, this tour was a journey that covered a thousand years of history in a single day and left us inspired.

The crux of the article consists of the questions the journalist asks herself (and poses as a reflection to all readers) about the meaning of design today:

What are we really talking about when we talk about design?
Are we doing it the right way?

The answers are far from obvious.

The attitude (and responsibility) that many people have towards design today suggest the need for broader reflection that embraces school, the way of understanding work, corporate social responsibility that takes into account the sustainability of the respective territory, and the values of an entire community.

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Press Tour MADE IN MEDA: Lanzani company seventh generation
Press Tour MADE IN MEDA: former Villa-Antona Traversi Monastery
Book Made in Meda by Filippo Berto on the Ian bookcase
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