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Manufacture 4.0 and the BertO case study in Treviso

Manufacture 4.0 and the BertO case study in Treviso.

The BertO case study is the focus for our first meeting (out of five) entitled “Manufacture 4.0”.
“Confartigianato Marca Trevigiana Formazione srl” together with “FabLab Treviso” and in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Treviso and EBAV promoted this event to get companies closer to the great opportunities of the digital world.

Andrea Bacchetti (Università degli Studi Brescia), Paolo Manfredi (Confartigianato Manager for Digital Strategies) and some company businessmen were present: BertO (Meda), Maiero Ivano (Colugna di Tavagnacco) and Maison 203 (Valdobbiadene).

There are some important changes nowadays that can modify organization, business models and production management: digital manufacturing, makers’ revolution, a new art of working and even technology culture are just some of them.

The company tradition can be combined with the new production technology of the “digital fabrication” and this union guarantees a great production and innovation development.

The additive manufacture, or 3D print, creates a great change in the production and planning of new items: we get immediately our items in front of us and can save time as for prototypes. But above all we can produce highly customized products.

Thanks to FabLab we have got a wide spreading of the 3D print and we have now the possibility of creating a new synergy and a new cooperation between companies and makers: they can transform ideas into objects, they are able to create unique items or small series of products in a faster way which are winning strategies in the markets.

Filippo Berto has taken part in the meeting describing the BertO case study and talking about his experience of storytelling and crowdcrafting.

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