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Sounds Collection BertO Outdoor Furniture MDW2023

Milano Design Week is one of the biggest events in the world of design.

This event attracts thousands of visitors and industry professionals from all over the world, and is the ideal opportunity to discover the latest design trends, both within the fair and in the famous Fuori Salone.

It is therefore very difficult to select the right events to participate in: over the years, many furniture and design companies have decided to take part in the event and to use the city as a showcase, organizing events of all types and - in many cases - without adding anything other than a long walk among thousands of people.

If you are a regular visitor to the Fuori Salone, you will certainly know that it is possible to visit an exhibition in every corner of the city. It is often impossible to pass through certain streets, simply because of objects that have been well arranged inside a shop.

Beautiful objects, which may be admired but which remain inaccessible because it is impossible to ask for information or approach someone who knows something about them: indeed, the sooner you leave the shop the better because of the flow of people wanting to get in.

For us, the FuoriSalone is an event that projects the same attention that we reserve for our customers inside our showrooms, causing those who come to visit us and those who decide to spend time with us to enjoy incredible experiences (who remembers sofaxmanaguasofa4manhattan or berto4planet).

That's why we decided to present the new BertO Collection, a project dedicated to Outdoor furniture @ LOM Locanda Officina Monumentale, at this year's Milano Design Week.

The SOUNDS Collection - designed by Castello Lagravinese Studio for BertO - is the result of our constant commitment to research and development of the most advanced technologies in the design sector.

Thanks to our attention to detail, we are able to offer you outdoor furniture that combines functionality, style, and manufacturing quality, the fundamental ingredients of BertO's Made in Meda recipe.

Discover the Outdoor Sounds collection at the BertO showroom closest to you, ==> book your private consultation!

Milan Design Week 2023: BertO Outdoor furniture presentation
Garden lounge - BertO
Outdoor sofa, coffee tables and poufs from the Outdoor furniture Collection
BertO outdoor furniture collection: Outdoor sofa in stainless steel
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