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DDN features the Dee Dee seating system among the best international design concepts

DDN: Dee Dee BertO modular seating system

What characteristics should the dream sofa for your home have?

DDN 272 (February 2022) devotes an entire DESIGN GALLERY to the centrepiece of our living environment: the sofa.

From the most exclusive suggestions for furnishing your living room, journalist Laura Galimberti chose the BertO's Dee Dee seating system, featuring a corner model with rockaway leather pouf.

As mentioned in the article, a sofa is more than just a piece of furniture: it is a focal point for many of the activities we carry out in our homes every day.

An extra deep sofa, for example, can be used for reading, relaxing or sleeping, for enjoying quality time with family and friends, and also for working or dining.

In this context, time devoted to work as well as leisure share a lowest common denominator, namely a space that does not create boundaries but rather one that can accommodate all needs.

Organising space is therefore of paramount importance, for personal well-being and to create a welcoming environment for the whole family.

It is also clear that the sofa has become a true design concept that can be tailored to suit one's needs, just like when designing a kitchen, living area or sleeping area.

The Dee Dee modular sofa with rockaway leather pouf is among the best design solutions in Italy and throughout the world.

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