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The welcoming comfort of the Dee Dee sofa on the Area.Arc website

dee dee sofa by BertO on the Area Arch web site

The comfort of the Dee Dee sofa in the 2020 BertO collection is protagonist of the new way of living in our homes according to the web site

The living room, where the absolute protagonist is the sofa, has taken on a fundamental role over the last few months. Life in our homes has changed radically, not only for the routines but also for the spaces and the way we use them.

It is for this reason that the sofa has become the heart of the home where we work, where our children do home schooling and where they play but also where we pass our free time relaxing, watching our favourite television series or reading a good book.

In the article “Dee Dee by BertO”, the journalist Chiara Scalco describes Dee Dee as an exclusive, personalised seating system, a synthesis of the collaboration between the BertO team and the Castello Lagravinese Studio.

Dee Dee was created to offer an infinite number of furnishing combinations thanks to the single elements which can be mixed and matched to each other based only on the customers requirements for space, comfort and design.

Seats with or without armrests, corner sofas, pouffes, chaise-longue, independent peninsulas and single elements freely grouped together allow you to create a practically infinite number of different compositions.

Dee Dee can be personalised in an infinite number of compositions which will satisfy every possible combination our customers could desire.

Therefore it is essential that you receive specific advice from one one of our experts who will help you find the very best solution for your home.

==> Ask for your personalised consultation with one of BertO’s interior designers and create your ideal furnishing project Made in Meda!

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