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VANESSA4NEWCRAFT: the video of our crowdcrafting session.

Video of Vanessa4newcraft

Our crodwcrafting session in now a video online: it is about the most important moments, the working atmosphere, the contribution of 306 hands that allowed us to realize our vanessa4newcraft on 7th June, in the wonderful location of the exhibition New Craft, held by Stefano Micelli, for the XXI Triennale in Milan.

We have recorded everything happened during that day: the arrival of King Flavio and Filippo Berto early in the morning, the preparation of the tools before the opening of the exhibition and all people joining us during our crowdcrafting day. All of us have worked on the denim cover, on the seat padding and on the capitonnè seatback. We have felt Filippo Berto’s enthusiasm and of all crowdcrafters around him: friends, customers and visitors were really enjoying about working together on our armchair Vanessa.

We shared efforts, but also gratitude and happiness of working together, as if you feel something inside you beating so hard, as if you are in love and you are looking forward to shouting it out. We are really in love with our job!

Here the video on our youtube channel.
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Here the narration of the day on our blog BertoStory

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