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Three hundred and six hands to realize vanessa4newcraft

Three hundred and six hands to realize vanessa4newcraft

A celebration of the new way of working, a special attention the old upholstery tradition.
A combination between tradition and innovation, from generation to generation, every single laboratory with its experience.
A whole working day at the Cathedral @ Fabbrica del Vapore where the exhibition New Craft is taking place.
What an amazing feeling, what a challenge! All people together for our vanessa4newcraft.

All this happened yesterday!
We met yesterday and our goal was to realize this armchair that might be considered as a symbol for this new generation of artisans: everyone was waiting for it, they really wanted to be a part of the project and thanks to the help of three hundred and six hands we got it.


It is our third crowdcrafting project and BertO wanted to realize something special and sophisticated.
We wanted to present something really different: we did not want to set up the standard artisan way of working. It has been a great challenge and we involved the best designers and artisans in this area to realize our vanessa4newcraft.

The exhibition New Craft is the right place to show people the meaning of our production beyond the product they buy for their house and their daily life: BerO has decided again to share the way of working and to get people involved in the realization of this armchair. An artisan experience never seen before!

New Craft is an amazing exhibition where this new generation of artisans can show the public their way working by using their experience combined with all these new technologies available today: our crowdcrafting products are extremely precious not only for their economic value, but, above all, for the cultural experience we share with people
A whole working day from 10.30am till 7.00pm with the participation of three hundred and six hands, together with Berto Industria Tessile, .Exnovo, Confatigianato Imprese, CITA and Tonello. All of them for our vanessa4newcraft!

Here the storify of this day.

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